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Spot Image is a provider of added-value satellite imagery and geospatial services. Starting as the commercial operator of the SPOT satellites, Spot Image is now a supplier of imagery from a range of other optical and radar Earth-imaging satellites.

Spot Image supports the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters (http://www.disasterscharter.org/) by its capacity and daily revisit capability to acquire imagery of any point on Earth. In addition, the rich global archive of SPOT imagery compiled since 1986, now containing nearly 20 million images, provides pre-disaster images of a region of interest for comparative analysis and damage assessment. Spot Image also participate in SAFER (Services and Applications For Emergency Response : http://www.emergencyresponse.eu/ ) which is a large European project funded in the frame of the GMES initiative (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).

When the case of global warming was so widely made in 2006, Spot Image could not do but decide to engage in action to tackle it: no other industry is better placed than Earth Observation to support projects and action fighting Climate Change. Planet Action (http://www.planet-action.org/) was launched in 2007 by Spot Image, leading supplier of satellite imagery and geo-information, joined by ESRI, leading GIS technologies provider as co-founder. Planet Action objectives are to support local projects acting on Climate Change-related issues by providing geographic information and technology to NGOs, universities, research centers…

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