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Every year there is a competition to host the best ever State of the Map conference. This affair is no different! Be sure to register now!

The 4th Annual State of the Map is in beautiful Girona, Spain. Consisting of three days, you have fantastic opportunities to discover how OSM is used in business, meet new international OSM friends and tune up on your mapping skills.

Friday starts off with a bang on Business day. Want to use the freely available OpenStreetMap map data in your business? Opportunities abound to hear how other enterprises utilize OSM. You’ll also gain insight on tools that are available to hit the ground running with OSM! Business day is simply a powerful day not to miss. Check out our Friday program.

Community, community, community! The weekend is all about the great clan that is OSM. Packed with talks, panels and social events, all day and into the night! New to OpenStreetMap? Come and meet us and learn what we are passionately working on, who the movers and shakers are and join in on the fun! Have a look at our program for Saturday and Sunday.

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