SOTM Scholarship Program

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is excited to provide full travel and accomodations costs for 15 mappers to attend State of the Map. We sought nominations of people from places where costs would prohibit attendance, especially developing countries and places that are “interesting” geopolitically. The scholarships will provide an opportunity for these leaders of nascent OSM communities to network, learn, and find the inspirations and support to take OSM to the next level.

From 49 nominations, in 24 countries, we had the difficult task of choosing 15 recipients.

We are welcoming the following mappers in Girona:

  • Anas Maraqa from Palestinian West Bank (visa denied by the German embassy in Tblisi, Georgia)
  • Eugene Usvitsky from Russia (visa denied by the Spanish embassy in Moscow)
  • Evgheni Dereveanchin from Moldova
  • Javier Carranza Torres from Cascales, Ecuador
  • Jorge Luis Batista Echevarría from Havana, Cuba (visa denied by the Spanish embassy in Havana)
  • Maria Antonieta Giannarelli from Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Metasebia Demissie from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (visa denied by the Spanish embassy in Addis Ababa)
  • Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa from Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Okorukwu Williams from Abuja, Nigeria (visa denied by the Spanish embassy in Lagos)
  • Regynnah Awino from Nairobi, Kenya (visa denied by the Spanish embassy in Nairobi)
  • Robert Coup from New Zealand
  • Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Thanh Le Viet from Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Vitor George from São Paulo, Brazil
  • Guensmork Alcin from Port-au-Prince, Haiti (visa denied by the French embassy in Port-au-Prince)

Many thanks go to the Open Society Institute (http://www.soros.org/) for helping to make this happen.

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