Map our Shirts!

Want to be sotm-famous? Are you hungry for status at this year’s conference? Then get your creative juices percolating! The design for our 2010 T-shirts is open and you could be our ‘it’ genius.

Follow these simple guidelines:

1. Talk to the face: design for the front of the shirt. Something within 10″ x 6″ or A5 size is a good working space.
2. You can be Picasso, Dali or Andy Warhol, but try to keep it to four colours.
3. Quite possibly we’re a soccer fan club with a mapping problem, even so: T-shirt must tell us why we were in Girona, Spain on July 9-11, 2010… in case we had too many beers at the social.
4. Please submit works by Friday June 4th midnight to team@stateofthemap.org, in the highest resolution possible. JPEG or TIFF format preferred.

Your reward? 2 minutes of fame at SOTM and a ‘surprise’ gift.

Good luck!

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