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LogiballWe are proud to announce that LOGIBALL is our first Platinum sponsor!
Following SotM 2009 in Amsterdam, LOGIBALL decided to sponsor the State of the Map 2010 in Girona. Interested in sponsoring the State of the Map 2010? Contact the organising team for more information sponsors@stateofthemap.org.

Navigation data is becoming increasingly important in many areas of business. It is not surprising that it is indeed the success factor for improving business processes – world-wide – in almost every industry; automotive, telecommunications, IT, service providers, utilities, logistics and retail as well as research and development.

Since 2000, LOGIBALL has been developing customized navigation solutions and offers a broad range of services both nationally and internationally. This is what we call “engineering the world’s navigation maps”. LOGIBALL’s engineering know-how allows for individually customizing each and every digital navigation map according to the specific field of business or consumer interest.

LOGIBALL takes even one step further. With our own developed software: the Global Navigation Data (GND) SUITE, we provide our clients with the flexibility of having the perfect tool for processing navigation data. This way, our clients can manage, quality assure, convert, etc. their own volume of navigation data themselves, however they want, whenever they want.

LOGIBALL solutions are found in the products of prominent automobile and telecommunications enterprises, in large utility companies as well as in the retail and logistics sectors.

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