CurlyBrackets sponsors State of the Map

We are proud to announce that CurlyBrackets decided, like last year, to sponsor the State of the Map 2010 in Girona. CurlyBrackets is creator of OffMaps, Trails, Ubique. All apps use OpenStreetMap in some way.

OffMaps lets you use OSM offline and search a browsable map.
Trails lets you record your outdoor adventures, export it via GPX/KML and even lets you import tracks by others from variety of sources. Trails is used by some OSM mappers to record tracks for their next editing session.
Ubique is an augmented reality app that combines a transparent map disc with information around you.

Also interested in sponsoring the State of the Map 2010? Contact the organising team for more information and to receive our sponsorship brochure at

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