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Terence Faircloth http://www.flickr.com/people/atelier_tee/Talking about business models, Steven Feldman is chairing a panel discussion entitled “Cocktails on the Titanic”. If you can’t work out the relevance of the title you might want to think about businesses that do not adapt their business models to rapidly changing circumstances. The core of this panel discussion comes from a session he ran at wherecamp.euWe are all FCUK’d without a Business Model

The second half of the panel at SotM will be an opportunity for startups and small geobusinesses to do a one minute elevator pitch to the audience about their business. You need to pitch the Who? What? Why? and How Much? of your business model. Have a look at this old post if you need some background on the questions. No slides, just a mike and 60 seconds not a single second longer followed by some challenging questions from the panel and the audience. At the end the community will get to vote for their favourite pitch and a small prize will be awarded. The big opportunity for a startup is exposure and possibly even an investor!

If you or someone you know want to grab a slot for an elevator pitch mail Steven through this link or mail henk@stateofthemap.org

image: (C)(C) Terence Faircloth http://www.flickr.com/people/atelier_tee/

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